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September 9, 2022

Afloia Air Purifiers for Home Large Room Up to 1500 Sq Ft, Smart Air Purifier WiFi Alexa Control PM2.5 Monitor, H13 True HEPA Filter with UV-C Light Cleaner for Allergies Pets Dust Pollen



Product details

Color White
Brand Afloia
Power Source AC
Control Method App
Filter Type HEPA
Floor Area 1000 Square Feet


About us

Green Living by Afloia

Based on the understanding of the relationship between the environment, people’s lifestyles and products, Afloia pursues a simple and natural life philosophy, adheres to original design, and chooses natural high-quality materials as much as possible, studies the recyclability of products, and maintains the durability of product use.

What can our purifier do for you?

For pet families, it absorbs pet hair.

For allergy sufferers: Reduce allergens.

For smokers and patients: Reducing the harm of smoke to family members.

Capture airborne particles as small as 0.1 microns. such as pollen, dust.

Filter pollution from wildfires.

Real-time detection and display of air quality.

Work with Alexa & App Control

When you are on the road,

When you are working out

When you are reading,

When you are in the car,

Anytime, anywhere!

You can control Magepro air purifier through the “Afloia HOME APP” or Afloia air purifiers work with Alexa.

4-stage filter system

4-stage filter greater purification.Pre-Filter,H13 Ture HEPA Filter,Active Carbon Filter and UV-C Light.

Remove 99.9% of pet dander, dust, pollen, dust, bacteria, and More! Particles smaller than 0.1 microns in the air can be absorbed.

The recommended use time of Magepro air purifier filter is 2200 hours/3-6 months. The air purifier has a filter replacement reminder.

Effectively improving indoor air quality, reduce the harm of smoke to children and Pregnant woman.

The replacement filter Asin is: B08CVFGBJ7


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